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Some people like changing their hair up more frequently than every few months. Clip-in extensions let you go from queen to adventurer within a single day. Within a single motion, even.


Just like their name implies, these hair extensions temporarily clasp your natural hair with small clips. These are primarily recommended to people with medium to thick hair since these hair types are better at hiding the clips. However, clip-ins can be just as effective in fine hair with a little more careful placement.


Contact Hair Extension Angels and we’ll give you the best tips on getting the most out of your 100% Remy human hair no matter your hair type!


  • Add instant length and volume yourself without going to a salon

  • Can moisturise and maintain separately from your natural hair

  • Layer multiple clip-ins for a greater effect


To choose your color number , simply click on the photo of the color diagram, on the top right of the main photo. (On mobile) swipe photo, to the right or left, to view the image of the color diagram.


If you need help choosing your Hair Extension color, simply text us 3 to 5 photos of your natural hair in a day light for review, and we will contact you, to help you choose.


C$357.00 Regular Price
C$347.00Sale Price
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